Malaga - Features
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The Product area covers the article codes,
including the master data and bill of materials.
The bill of materials contains the informations about resources and production processes,
and serves als basis for the creation of the assembly priority plan.

With the help of e.g.the Excel interface the product data from other systems can be still imported.

  With in Process area are reusable standard processes and assembly priority plan described. In the process editor, all the logistic connections can be graphically modelled:
  • Full and empty materials flow.
  • Assembly processes.
  • Container exchange.
  • Additional production rate (for the Commission, spare parts, assembly parts, etc.)
  • Complex handling processes.
  • Folded empty cartons.
From the above relationship between the
processes can be obtained the following results:
  • Entire and fractional costs.
  • Part/Containers throughput.
  • Number of bound containers.
  • Number of necessary vehicles.
  • Personnel requirements.
  • Turn-around times.
  The Resource area contains container,
groups of personnel, various transportsystems
as well as Depreciation and shift models.

Also innovative logistics concept such as route courses and trolleys can be illustrated
with Malaga.

At the respective objects following results can be calculated:

  • Personnel requirements.
  • Cost.
  • Number of necessary vehicles.
  • Fractional times for transport and handling.
  • The covered distance.
  • In case of tugger train:
    • Optimal cycle time.
    • Number of trailers.
  • Container:
  • Total demand.
  • Calculatory interest rate.



General features

All Malaga data are linked with design objects in
the layout draft.
In this way you get a graphic presentation of all flow
of material directly in the layout.

This can be realized completely in 3D, so that
also multi-storey plants can be illustrated.

The following analyses are possible:
  • Area requirements.
  • Total cost.
  • Necessary workplace.
  • Shortest paths.
  • Load of paths.
  • Automatic calculation of a cost-optimal allocation of available area to process Stations.

Automated design support:

  • Integrated planning functions facilitate otherwise time-consuming tasks.
  • Incomplete or incorrect data are presented.
  • Optimization functions configurate your quantities structure of parts automatically.


  • Comprehensive role-based concept of security.
  • Changes are immediately commited in the database. A manual storage of data is not necessary.
  • All changes can be undone (Undo & Redo).


  • XML-based import and export of all planning data.
  • Import of product data via Excel.
  • Table-based configurable reports can be exported to Excel.


  • All screens are configurable and can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • The aplication surface speaks several languages (currently English and German).

Library concept:

  • Cross-project usable objects such as containers and transport systems can be stored in the library and are thus available to all users.


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