With the simulation interface “Massimo” all planning data from Malaga including the factory layout can be utilized to build a running Plant Simulation model.
No expert simulation knowledge is required – the simulation runs completely in the background, so that no user interaction is required.
The resulting model however can be adapted and elaborated further by simulation experts.

With an existing Malaga project only a few steps remain to get to a runnnig simulation model.
When all data is complete the simulation can be started by a push of a button.




  • The time to create a simulation model is considerably reduced while the quality of the resulting simulation model is improved:
    • All necessary information and data has already been collected in Malaga.
    • All geometric positions will be retrieved from the layout drawing with millimetre precision.
    • The input data is transparent and its consistency can easily be checked.

Dynamics Modelling:

  • You can choose if you want to sketch the information flow in the process editor or if you want to use the automatically generated Kanban-control.
  • By creating vehicle pools you can exactly define the operational area of each vehicle.
  • The production plan can be created automatically or imported from MS Excel.
  • For all necessary input properties Malaga calculates meaningful default values.




  • Experiments with different seed values for statistical safety.
  • User defined duration of the settling phase.
  • Results of different experiments can be compared easily.
  • Faulty or incomplete objects are detected automatically.
  • You can assign planned failures to all vehicles and stations to check the robustness of the logistics system.
  • The abiblity to compare the results of the simulation with the calculated results makes it easy to check your model for plausibility.

The video shows the complete workflow of planning in Malaga up to the simulation.

In addition to Malaga the following software is required to run the simulation:


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