In plants the concepts of slim manufacturing gain more and more influence. Due to that enterprises begin to re-consider the role of logistics.
The material flow and thus the supply and disposal become the backbone of manufacturing - and this heavily affects the factory layout.

The goal is to keep the stock low and keep the material and therefore the cash flowing. The factory is structured along transportation axles, that guide the material flow.
This is an efficient component of the MALAGA logistics planning. The focus on the continuous value stream and the view on the process-chain-logistics force functional and transparent processes in the layout.

In-plant traffic is rising and becomes more complicated, and thus requires relevant know-how about logistics and layout of systems.
Only who posesses the necessary information, can look further ahead, plan and act accordingly. MALAGA makes this information available and supports the planner in many ways. Track capacities and bottlenecks are shown, material flow according to given rules is planned and controlled.
The simulation finally shows, how planning can be converted successfully into the reality.
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