MASSIMO - Simulation convinces

MASSIMO (MAterial Flow Simulation and Monitoring) is a simulation package, that runs directly in the factory layout. All necessary data is already available anyway.
A high performance solution - the coupling of simulation and animation directly with the CAD. Lengthy model development and extensive data acquisitions aren't necessary anymore.
On the "push of a button" you can simulate, in the truest sense "simple"!

Simulation supplies detailed results

MASSIMO finds saving possibilities and helps above all to increase the efficiency of the system and optimize the manufacturing employment.

Dangerous under-capacities or expensive over-capacities are recognized by the simulation reliably during the planning period, even under dynamic load conditions.
With simulation the effects of failure-related problems can be found easily. This way problems with concatenated stations can be avoided. The Simulation points out how the througput can be increased by organizational or controlling measures, and thus avoids expensive mechanical solutions.

The strategy is to regulate and rationalize the organization of the manufacturing processes.
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