Malaga V4

Materials flow Analysis - Layout Analysis - Graphic Association


Malaga V4 is a comprehensive software suite for

  • Logistics Planning
  • Logistics Simulation
  • and Factory Planning

Malaga V4 can be a building block of your digital factory.
Build a visual model of your complete material flow and logistics.
Plan, validate and optimize your projects way before production starts.
Find out how many ressources you will need and what it will cost.
Experiment with different scenarios.

Malaga has the following objectives:

  • Qualitative improvement of the planning process.
  • Automated evaluations, enabling lean logistics.
  • Open up rationalization potentials, making decisions more efficiently
  • Integration - standardize as much as possible
  • Extensive automation of the planning process
  • Planning not only in tables and databases, but also in the layout (CAD) as part of the planning strategy.


The architecture of the presented logistics- and factory- planning software is simple, standardized and thus makes an integrated management specially easier.

The planning results are known for their ability to innovate the factory design and for considerably increasing the productivity during all planning levels. Moreover the program modules have additional exclusive characteristics features, wich allow the synergy of planning and management:

    • The language of the planner is the layout
    • Due to the connection with the CAD system, the planner has a controlsystem at his disposal, from wich he directs all projects, data, drawings and evaluations.

    • Consistency of the entire program
    • Integration from data acceptance to data evaluation under a uniform surface.

    • Integration into overall logistics
    • All participating points are able to exchange data and information with other functional areas of the company. This means internal communication and outward transparency.

  • Simulation - the dynamic model
  • With the layout, the model of the factory is already at hand; all necessary data are available, just you have to start the simulation.


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