Organizational planning
  • (Thesis 1): On the map of the global economy china is just besides europe.
  • To still remain competitive a high productivityis required:
    • Market-driven products with market-driven costs.
    • Tailored quality.
    • High degree of service quality.
  • The interaction of ressources in the factory is determined by autonomous operating organisation structures (Fractal Factory) and the according information and logistics systems.
  • The targetting on the customers demands leads to the need to focus all efforts and ressources on the creation of value.
(Thesis 2):No company still needs the even faster AGV to solve its logistics problems. What's missing are strategys and solutions for organization and information.
  • Until now the attention has always been on developing new technologies and products, and therefore new innovations in this sector are only possible with high efforts.
  • In the innovation of processes however is still great potential.
  • Form of Organization To copy any organization form and deploy it in a given factory doesn't seem feasible. As well as a consistent process-oriented approach is not always the optimal solution. Approved structures and special line-ups must be considered when remodelling the organization.
  • ZIP supports you with implementation-oriented consulting services, whereever this is necessary. Based on methods and competence we work out solutions corporately for your special surrounding conditions. By this cooperation we make sure, that the results of a project can be implemented and stand their ground in every day practice.
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